'led' is the past particliple of 'to lead'

Lead (n) is Pb
Lead (v) has past and past participle "led".

Did I lead you astray? You led me astray!

I led the dog on a lead. Where did you lead him? I led him to the lead cistern in the basement.


GNER live arrivals problem

Description: Due to a technical problem, not all GNER services that are operating on Saturday 20 and 27 October are currently shown in the Journey Planning Systems. Where the journey enquiry relates to GNER services on 20 or 27 October please re-enter the enquiry using 3 November as the date - the information for 3 November is correct and valid for journeys on 20 and 27 October.
We are working with our industry partners to provide a solution as soon as possible.

??? What's special about these dates ???



Murdo MacLeod on Wikiscanner

THEY are the Wikipedia timewasters, anonymous cyber-vandals who use one of the internet's greatest resources to abuse rivals, spread gossip and cause widespread confusion.

Click the link above for the Scotsman article.

Interesting to note that the Scotsman hacks are pretty well-behaved in this regard (try wikiscanner yourself - the relevant IP address range is Even here you can find vandalism at work: "The Heart of Madlithuanian" edit to Heart of Midlothian F.C. entry, on 10 January 2006, is a case in point. Other edits show that the Scotsman is as concerned as other organisations to ensure that Wikipedia toes the party line (in this case, the party line is "No political allegiance").